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Becoming a mother is an experience of a lifetime. Ensure the most enjoyable first few months with these essential new mother and baby items!

Baby Crib



Although there are thousands of claimed “NECESSARY” things to have before your new baby arrives, I found out after two children that there was only really a handful that I truly NEEDED. As for budget wise, I found many of my baby things on a resale application for dirt cheap or at the thrift store so feel free to find a similar product new online or wherever.

They are in no particular order but rather as they come to mind. I held on to most of these from my first child and were/are useful with my second. So glad I held on to these things since baby #3 is due in April 2018! ūüėÄ


#1: Infant Rocker with Wall Plugin

For the first few weeks you want to keep your baby near you but not in your bed. This isn`t just an issue only for their safety but your going to need your rejuvenating rest. These aren`t too pricey but if anything is worth it, this is it! Plus, it helps rock your little one to sleep and is more comforting than a crib.


#2: Rechargeable Batteries

Investing in rechargeable batteries was one of the best ideas I had as a teen! After having my first child, the need for batteries around the house doubled. Not only just for toys, because that is a whole other power challenge, but for some soothers, bouncers, and other random things you obtain from mommy world. We have the Energizer brand and they seem to last longer than most we have tried.


#3: Infant Tub with Sling

Fresh babies are slippery and harder to wash without the proper bath for the first few months. Once your baby can sit up on his or her own you can remove the sling and use it that way. Its super cheap and easy to find as well!


#4 Nursing bra (Fitted Around 8 Months Pregnant)

Save yourself from aches and discomfort with the best support and get a well-fitted nursing bra. You`ll have enough pain during/after childbirth regardless so this is a must have before you have your little one. Around eight months during your pregnancy is when your breasts will be closest to their new size after baby, when your milk comes in. I found my favorite one at a thrift store accidentally, LOL!

You can get it at Walmart for under $10 Loving Moments by Leading Lady Maternity Printed Nursing Bra with Half-Sling


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#5: Pregnancy Body Pillow

When I finally reached around five months pregnant, I hit the terrible sleep pattern. It got harder and harder to fall asleep and stay asleep with my growing belly. I got one of these during my second pregnancy and will recommend this to pregnant women until I die, it instantly became one of my favorite new mother must haves! The one I got (shown below) for a bargain was from Wal-Mart for under $50!

Leachco MaternAlign Contoured Maternity Body Pillow Gray $48


#6: Swaddle

This allowed both of my babies better and longer sleep. Less screaming means happier mommy! Look for the ones with the HOW TO pictured right on it for some quick guiding, you will need it. Why not just use a blanket? With the Velcro swaddle you know your baby is secured and wont end up getting wrapped in the blanket. They also have ones with sleeves, zippers, and other varieties but I loved the Velcro!

The safest way to swaddle


#7: Mesh Crib Bumper

A bumper will better help keep your baby and her stuff inside the crib, but using a regular padded bumper can be a SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) hazard. Using a mesh crib bumper will allow your bundle of joy to breathe if ever against the fabric while giving you peace of mind. Whenever I take the bumper off to be washed, my little one gets caught in between the bars so it’s a necessity here! Also helps keep your babies pacifier inside the crib, reducing the number of times having to search around the crib and floor like a maniac at 2AM. See how to put one on with my¬†How To Put on Mesh Crib Bumper Guide.


#8: Baby Monitor

If you want some freedom from being a new mother and need a break for yourself, you don`t want to be running in to check on your new baby every minute to check if he/she is breathing (and trust me, every new mother does this!). Get yourself a baby monitor! Want to hangout in the Jacuzzi with your loved one but have to make sure the baby isn’t screaming their face off inside? Baby monitor. Want to shower knowing your baby is sound asleep? Baby monitor.

So worth the $20! I love the simple yet effective Safety First sound monitor from Wal-Mart!

Safety 1st Sure Glow Audio Monitor, 1 RX, MO0670093 $19

#9: Simple Donut Floating Device

You will definitely love this if you have a vaginal birth since sitting down is the worst after childbirth! I haven’t had a cesarean¬†so not sure if it would be helpful then. Childbirth can leave a woman really shaken up, so ensuring the smoothest after care is highly important!

new mother must have top ten donut postpartum


#10: Padsicles

Get yourself a value pack of the biggest pads you can buy. Open each one up, put some aloe Vera from front to back and a little witch hazel, close it back up and store it in a gallon freezer bag. Keep these in the freezer until you go into labor, bring some to the hospital or save them for when you get home. You will be so happy you made these, I know I was!



What kind of products were most useful when you had your first baby? Have you used any of the new mother must have items I mentioned above? Let me know what you think!


Yours Truly,



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