How to Handle Sexual Education and Your Child

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How to Handle Sexual Education & Your Child


In the culture we live in today, it seems to be more accepted to have sexual relations (of any kind) before marriage. A study shows about %95 percent of people have sex before marriage, and I will admit I am one of them.

I never received any type of sexual education at school or at home, why I do not know. If I did things might be different for me or could have been for me as a teen. At 16 years old I had to educate my then 12-year-old sister, who thought it was cool to be sexually active.

Sexual education seems to have become a lesser known occurrence taught in schools, in which leaves our children venerable to wrong information. The age for experimenting with these things starts around puberty, about age 11 and 12, before becoming teens at 13.


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There are two approaches to sexual education:

One approach is being aware and knowledgeable about what sex is, how to stay safe/protect yourself, and what could happen due to sexual intercourse and the like . Although not stating that this is acceptable at a young age, not shaming them is important. You want to ensure the information isn’t being mistaken for false messages of pressure to have these relations. Especially when our culture is so open and influencing sex.

Then there is the abstinence approach which emphasizes on not having any type of sexual relations until marriage. Emphasizing the self value and respect for ones self to resist these urges until after marriage is becoming less common.


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Combine the Two!

Combining both approaches covers all aspects. Adolescents can come across wrong information from inaccurate sources or end up feeling shameful. Talking to your child’s school about sexual education is an important thing to do as a parent. It`s best to prepare yourself for possibly having to find a way to make sure they get this important information.

Need Some Help?

For those of you who just can’t handle having these conversations with your kiddos, go on YouTube and find a video (or a few) about the subject, and ask if they have questions afterwards to minimize some of the confusion, if any. Some of us just don’t know how to approach or relay the right information regarding sexual education. A video from an education professional might be your best option. There is no right or wrong way as long as they have some of the most important information.


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Educating our children is one of the best things we can do as a society. How would you go about teaching your children sexual education? What are your thoughts on sexual education? What age do you think would be most appropriate for this information? Leave a comment below!


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