How To Put On Mesh Crib Bumper

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Master Putting on that Mesh Crib Bumper with This Step by Step Guide with Pictures!



Parents often use a bumper to keep baby`s limbs and head safely inside the crib, or also to keep a pacifier from falling out and going underneath the crib. What I didn`t know when I had my first child: the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) can be increased without the proper bumper on your infants crib.

Many use regular padded crib bumpers regardless of the risk, but mostly due to not knowing. I had no idea even after my parenting classes  and all the research I did during my first pregnancy in 2012.


-Reduce risk of SIDS –

Spread the word about MESH CRIB BUMPERS!!!


Mesh crib bumpers have been literally a life saver for so many parents, including me! Since they’re breathable it allows me to rest knowing my baby is safe. They can be a little confusing at first to put on, follow this step by step guide below to ease your way through it!




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First, locate the longer piece of your mesh crib bumper that`s used for the back. We will be putting that one on first, as pictured above. Follow the arrow for proper placement and so the Velcro will properly hold it into place. Make sure your ties are facing out of the crib so they will tie to the crib bars.




step two back pannel velcro safety first breatheable mesh crib bumper
Second, attach the other side of the same panel by following the arrow so the Velcro will hold the mesh crib bumper in place. Depending on the size of your crib, you may want to wrap it around the second or third bar back from the front.


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Third, get the second panel and make sure the ties are facing outwards while preparing it for placement. Follow the arrow to secure it with the Velcro.




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Then pull the other side of the panel tight to match the arrow above.

Fourth & last, tie all the ties on both panels of the mesh crib bumper to the outside of the bars. The bows/ties should be visible outside of the crib. I do regular bows on mine, double knots scare me LOL!

& Your Finished! 😀



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See below for more information about SIDS and what you can do to reduce the risk.

CDC SIDS Information

About SIDS and SUID







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How to Put On Mesh Crib Bumper Guide Sunshine and Kiddos with Pictures

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How to Put On Mesh Crib Bumper Guide Sunshine and Kiddos with Pictures

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