GroVia Cloth Diapers and Bamboo/Cotton Trifolds Review

GroVia cloth diapers review cotton bamboo trifolds sunshine and kiddos cover

Getting advice and honest recommendations from other parents can be a huge help against the cloth confusion! See why we love GroVia cloth diapers and bamboo/cotton trifolds below.



Cloth Diapers are a Great Choice for Budgeting Families!

I had spent months researching all I could about cloth diapers before I had decided on a few things I wanted to try out. I had to learn the lingo of cloth diapering in the process, as I am sure you’ve already come across some strange acronyms like PUL and FST. For a break down of the cloth diapering language, check out my two favorite guides below.


Kelly`s Closet Cloth Diaper Terms & Abbreviations

Fluff Love University Cloth Diaper Lingo


What it came down to was PUL covers and inserts/trifolds, that way we could get more use out of a few diaper covers and multiple inserts/trifolds/prefolds between washes. There was no way we were going to be able to afford the supply needed to cloth diaper our baby with a diaper that once soiled you need a whole new one (like with the AIOs, pocket diapers, and the rest).

I know what your thinking, cloth diapering is expensive… Yes and no. It can be at first but will save you so much in the long run!!! The washing/drying requirements do not nearly add up to how much you`ll spend on disposables either!

GroVia cloth diapers review sunshine and kiddos



Why choose GroVia?

Finding the best quality products when it comes to cloth diapering is super important, it makes your diapering experience easier when everything works the way it should. Otherwise, you may end up giving up due to the added challenges and struggles. Maintaining eco-friendly quality products for many years has made them more popular among cloth using parents.


GroVia has won many awards and certifications such as:

-Certified organic materials

-2011 Its a Belly Excellence Award

-2012 Best Cloth Diaper Award

-2014 Best Baby Diapers Award

-Confidence in Textiles Award

-& More


What I love about the GroVia company is that they’re formed of dedicated parents just like you and me, originally part of The Natural Baby Company that started out in a mothers laundry room years ago. Not being so overwhelmed by products and colors made me feel more comfortable. They offer a bit of everything in a few colors or styles, including package deals for you to try out their products at a discount.

After a solid month of use, we haven’t had any leaks or issues. The waistbands are still super stretchy, along with around the leg areas, and the Velcro fasteners still look brand new. Pilling is an issue that comes with cloth diapering, and most regular clothing also, but these diapers and cotton/bamboo trifolds show no sign of pilling.

Why We Love GroVia Cloth Diapers and Why You Should Too! #makeclothmainstream #parenting #SAHM #sunshineandkiddos


Regular cotton prefolds usually start pilling right away, line drying can prevent this and is recommended. With a preschooler, toddler, and another baby on the way I have to get things done quickly, so low heat in the dryer does the trick. Anything with PUL, like diaper covers and wet bags, are line dry only!

*Note – You`ll want to wash your cloth diapering materials every 2-3 days to maintain quality. The wash/dry routine will be determined per brand and type of materials you are using. Most companies, like GroVia cloth diapers, have their own wash/dry recommendations for you to refer to.*


What we use to successfully cloth diaper regularly:

Since I was pregnant with our middle child, early 2016, I knew I wanted to commit to cloth diapering and make less of a footprint on this Earth. Budgeting was our other main concern and how in the world we would afford it. Package deals seem to be where it’s at, getting more at once to save money in the long run. Costs more buying shells and inserts separately.

With GroVia package deals, your able to get what you need at a lower cost. The GroVia cloth diapers are called Hybrids, they give you the option between snaps or Velcro (hook & loop). Personally I went with Velcro because they will transition well with our toddler when she is ready to start potty training.

The GroVia Part Time Package is my favorite bundle because it`s enough to last us the 2-3 days as long as we change her insert more often. We also give the shell a quick wipe out before putting in a new insert and back on baby. Click the image to see more details.

package deal part time sunshine and kiddos grovia cloth diapers review




We also got a few packs of the GroVia Bamboo/Cotton Prefolds , shown below, to put into the GroVia cloth diapers . I wanted to ensure we had enough for about 2-3 days worth of diapering. They absorb liquid quickly and hold up well against stains. Click on the picture or link for more information.



GroVia prefold trifold cotton_bamboo inserts information sunshine and kiddos




At first I worried about the materials causing a rash or rubbing the skin raw. To my surprise we haven’t had any problems, but we do have some balm handy if needed.

Don`t forget that regular diaper ointment/cream can ruin the absorbency of your inserts/prefolds (not good for PUL either)! I highly recommend GroVia`s Itty Bitty Magic Stick that is petroleum free, colorless, organic, has mess-free application, and smells great for under $4!

GroVia cloth diapers review Itty Bitty Magic Stick sunshine and kiddos


GroVia Gives – Cloth Diaper Lending Program


GroVia cloth diapers gives cotton bamboo trifolds covers lending borrowing family in need help support sunshine and kiddos



Low income families can apply for the GroVia Gives Cloth Diaper Lending Program. It`s $40 for shipping and lending costs and this gets you 4 waterproof one size covers and 16 bamboo/cotton trifolds. This alone is enough to diaper your baby for two days between washes.

When you no longer need the GroVia cloth diapers, return them via their simple returns process and receive $20 back towards GroVia products. This was a great way to get the diapers we needed without having to spend as much. We will be using our refund on a GroVia Trainer Try Out Package for potty training toddlers since our daughter is almost ready! Will also be getting a few other trainer pants in different colors to add to our “big girl undies” collection.



Another sweet deal they have going on is for the single GroVia Trainer Lotus diaper shell, click the link or the image below to see more details. Save even more by using your own insert and get the single Lotus shell for a steal!


GroVia MyChoice Trainer sale discount sunshine and kiddos cloth diaper review



After we receive our GroVia My Choice Trainers I will gladly update this post with more information on them and how they work for us!






Have you heard of any GroVia products before? If use/used them, how was your experience? What do you think about cloth diapering in general? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

-If you have any cloth diapering questions feel free to ask away! I would love to share any cloth knowledge with you, just comment below.-


Yours Truly,



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Why We Love GroVia Cloth Diapers and Why You Should Too! #makeclothmainstream #parenting #SAHM #sunshineandkiddos

Why we love GroVia Hybrids #clothdiapers and bamboo/cotton trifolds to affordably diaper our children #makeclothmainstream #sunshineandkiddos #parenting #ecofriendly

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