Why NUK is Best for Baby

NUK Best Baby Products bottles cups pacifiers orthodonic great for breastfeeding sunshine and kiddos

After Two Children We Highly Recommend Them, see Why NUK is Best for Baby!


NUK best for baby why we love them orthodonic pacifiers and close to mom shaped nipples sunshine and kiddos




What We Love About NUK

-Affordable products!

-Made in USA & BPA Free

– Package deals on popular items

– Wide variety of products parents & kiddos love

– One-piece NUK Anti-Colic Air System built in to reduce gas & spit up

– Mom shaped nursing nipples for closer to breastfeeding experience

– Nipples that support growing appetites with 2 different sizes & 3 flow rates

– Easy to clean & dishwasher safe

– Extremely supportive of breastfeeding

-More For Moms Rewards Program

-Free shipping on orders over $20


Preferred by Babies

NUK has been not only highly recommended by parents, for obvious reasons, but it`s also preferred over other brand nipples by infants and toddlers. Back in 2012 I had been researching pacifier reviews for my one month old who wouldn’t take the hospital pacifier. NUK pacifiers had continuously been preferred by babies all over the country expressed by other parents.

I was ready to try this new brand and surely my little guy took the NUK pacifier right away! We decided to switch the bottles he was using as well since he loved the nursing shaped nipple NUK offered to better our breastfeeding experience. The natural nursing nipple shape of the pacifiers and bottles made me feel better when I stopped breast feeding since he was used to the shape. I didn’t go and change everything on him like it would’ve been if it was a regular shaped bottle nipple.

Our second baby would only take the NUK bottles with the natural nursing shaped nipples on them. Although she did like the hospital pacifier, after about two months the only one she would sleep with was a NUK pacifier! They were my favorite out of the bunch with the adorable flowers and prints 😛


NUK best products for baby orthodontic pacifiers shaped to fit babys mouth closer to moms nursing nipple



From Newborn to Preschooler

NUK is best for baby because they have products for infants all the way up to preschool age with teethers to table wear, and everything in between.

We love the NUK bottles! They have a few different prints, sizes, and such but pictured below is our most used, the penguin three pack.


penguin three pack NUK is best for baby sunshine and kiddos



Transitioning was no problem with this spill proof sippy cup. After a few months she can now use a regular cup (usually) without spilling as she drinks!

spill proof sippy cup NUK is best for baby sunshine and kiddos transition from sippy to cup



Another amazing transition product we love are the tri-suction bowls! We have used these bowls since our daughter developed the pincer grasp, using the thumb and pointer finger, and the suction feature has saved us many messes. Now at almost 16 months she can use a regular plastic bowl without bothering trying to lift or move it!


NUK is best for baby with transition suction bowls to learn better table manners sunshine and kiddos



NUK is Best for Baby #3

Our third child is due mid April 2018 and I want to breastfeed, like I did with my other two children.



I feel confident that he will do well transitioning between breast and bottle with the NUK Simply Natural Bottles. We ordered 3 pack of 5oz bottles and also a 3 pack set of the 8oz, click the picture below for more information on these sets.


NUK best for baby three pack bottle set simply natural save money better breastfeeding experience sunshine and kiddos




For the new little guy we also ordered a few pacifiers, my favorites are the ones show below (click picture for more info).


NUK is best for baby pacifiers sunshine and kiddos




I have heard so many wonderful things about the  Freemie hands-free breast pump also, I cannot wait to try it (click picture for more info)!




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Have you heard of or used any NUK products? What do you think about the one-piece anti-colic air system and natural nipple shape? Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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