Natural Labor Induction

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If your like me and get impatient waiting it out near the end of your pregnancy, there are a few ways to accomplish a natural labor induction!



_Nothing I write here or anything stated in this post is to be taken as medical advice nor should be tried without being discussed with your OBGYN or medical provider. I am not a doctor or a professional of any kind!-


Natural Labor Induction Methods

Over being pregnant but want to still go all natural? Here`s a handful of things I have tried with my first two pregnancies and am also doing this last pregnancy as well. Now nothing is guaranteed, but they could potentially help things along and get your body ready for labor!



Evening Primrose Oil

Has been well known for many years to help ripen the cervix. I started taking one 1000 mg soft gel a day starting at 36 weeks, then increase to 2 soft gels a day starting at 38 weeks. Starting at 38 weeks I would also insert one vaginally after pricking it with a sterile safety pin at bed time, that way it could sit there and hopefully do some magic. I would wear a small pad if worried about it leaking onto undergarments. Super cheap & easy to do! I got mine at Walmart for under $8!

Spring Valley Women’s Health Evening Primrose Oil Softgels, 1000 mg, 75 Ct

evening primrose oil softgel sunshine and kiddos natural labor induction methods



Raspberry Leaf Tea

Known for toning the uterus and is great before, during, and after pregnancy. It may cause the uterus to contract stimulating labor in women who are closer to term, so it is not recommended before the third trimester of pregnancy. The box also says enjoy up to 3 cups a day of this delicious tea, I started drinking a cup or two a day around 36 weeks. A box of this tea will only set you back $5.


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Exercise Ball (Birth Ball)

Bouncing and rocking on a standard exercise ball can help move the baby down into the pelvis. I have heard mothers swear by this method and highly recommend that this be done during the end of pregnancy to help move things along in a more natural way. These balls can be pricey but Walmart carries a variety of sizes to fit your height and weight for under $20.

Exercise Ball Size: 29.53″



Walking is also a well known tool for us pregnant women. This is probably one of the best natural labor induction methods because it does so much. Walking keeps our bodies toned, heart pumping, and blood flowing, but also helps move the baby down by moving the hips. During labor, walking can be super helpful and could even shorten your labor.




Semen contains prostaglandins that signal the uterus to contract, which could lead to labor. Also, having an orgasm could also put you into labor, its a win win!




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What things have you tried to induce labor? What do you think has worked for you, or has not? Any advice for first time moms out there?





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